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Liz Bailey | Diversity

Liz has been actively involved in all aspects of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion for over 25 years, and has worked with some of the country’s leading experts in this area, since leaving Barclays in 2004, where she was Head of Diversity for the UK Bank.

Liz is also a licensed facilitator and trainer of trainers, for the award winning Global Springboard Consultancy programmes: Springboard, Spring Forward, Fresh Steps, Boost and Sprint.

In addition, Liz is an Executive Coach, Mentor, Team Builder and has worked as a Non-Executive director within the NHS for over eight years. She has also been active in her local community, in a support and fundraising capacity.

Her clients include The Southern Co-operative, Oxford Brookes University, NHS Solent, Crown Foods Ltd, Nationwide Building Society, Hampshire Constabulary, Abellio Greater Anglia, Dorset Police, Portsmouth University, Guide Dogs For the Blind & The Princes Trust.

The difference is diversity

Liz Bailey | Diversity

What sets you apart from the competition isn’t your logo or your vision statement. It’s your people.

In order to be the most respected in your field you need to attract and retain the best, most diverse and talented team of individuals.

People respond to people so, if your team comes from diverse backgrounds with varied talents and key interests they will be able to relate far better to your customers and clients – helping your business thrive.

Your people need the right skills to enable them achieve this for you, so their development is crucial to your success.

Liz Bailey Diversity has over 20 years of experience working in the area of People and Business development, with expertise in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Executive Coaching.

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